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    Nodira Vakhabova

    Nodira Vakhabova, deputy director of the company Kvadrat Metr Invest

    "I got a job in September 2015 for the post of Consultant in the Sales Department. In a relatively short period of time I was able to build a career, and currently I am the deputy director of «Kvadrat Metr Invest»

    The choice of this company was not accidental for me: firstly, I immediately felt that here I have an opportunity for my growth. And secondly, the values ​​that carried the company was very close and clear for mine. Another important point for me is the fact that we have a lot of attention to the professional growth of each employee.

    A major achievement during my work in this company, I think the absence of failures in the implementation of tasks set in front of me the guidance and timely execution of work performed volumes.

    If we talk about the team, it is sociable, friendly, dedicated team that knows how to work and relax, and always ready to help. And working with this team delivers a pleasure for me.

    Most of all I appreciate the work of our customers, the atmosphere in the team, and the ability to implement the most daring proposals.

    I believe that everything that is done - all the better!"

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