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    Kodir Akhmedov - Project Management Director

    I’ve graduated from the Tashkent Financial Institute, specializing in international monetary and credit relations. Today, I have more than 20 years of employment history, and experience in various fields, such as finances, public catering, logistics, public sector, construction, tourism.

    I’ve joined this company as a director in late 2016 because regarding the results of Murad Buildings I understand that building a house is not only soulless bricks, concrete and other building materials, but also the ultimate goal - to revive the house, see the joy and smiles of the owners of apartments. And when you can see happiness in result, the whole process of construction becomes interesting.

    While gaining experience in different areas, I have always tried to contribute the acquired knowledge and experience, which, in turn, changed my consciousness life of life, values and all aspects of my life.

    One of the main achievements at the moment I consider my cumulative experience of communication with people in different life situations. Since we all live in a society, this experience is applicable every day and gives its owner a lot of advantages, both in the field of leisure and in the performance of professional qualities.

    My team today is a “green” sprout yet, eager to grow into a strong, shady tree. The prospects for working in our team are working in one of the fastest growing development companies in Uzbekistan with plans to enter the international market. We are looking for communicative, positive candidates who are ready to work in a team and who value team success above individual. We welcome in our ranks all those who are ready to progress themselves and develop the team, but if we talk about someone with whom we definitely will not work, then these are employees who can deceive their colleagues or managers: a person who lied once will lie forever, and we do not need such employees.

    My life motto: Do not wait for miracle - make miracle!

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