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    Kvadrat Metr Invest

    Akmal Turaev - Kvadrat Metr Invest real estate company, CEO

    One of the most important achievements to date, I believe that I found a job which was the dream and where I feel comfortable, where I can use my potential.

    I am surrounded by a very friendly and close-knit team, where everyone is a professional in their field.

    The most valuable quality, which is important for us in our employees - it is humanity, honesty and loyalty to themselves and their work.

    In my team we are looking for employees, results-oriented, who will take the lead and achieve its goals.

    In our work we focus on two important points - the continuous development of the employees and those who contribute value to our company. And each employee has the opportunity to grow and develop, and use their potential

    as much as possible.

    In the world nothing is impossible: you have a very strong desire, to make every effort and a little patience, and you can always reach all. Most importantly - do not give up!

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