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    Franchising Invest

    Umid Isadzhanov - development company Franchising Invest, CEO

    I have 3 degrees: two bachelor's and a master's degree. In 1999 I graduated from the Uzbek State World Languages ​​University with a degree in English. In 2002 I earned a degree in International Business at the Tashkent State Economic University. In 2009 I won a grant to study at the prestigious university in South Korea, where I received a master's degree in economics.

    I believe that my greatest achievement is, to achieve goals, no matter what the difficulties. As a leader I have to work in a variety of ways: and interact with the team, and to analyze the logistics company and to cooperate directly with the various companies - all require some multitasking and working under stress, which is very conducive to my career.

    And it helps me, my team is - a unique, cohesive, intelligent and purposeful.

    If we talk about my colleagues, I would like to note that they are always honest approach to their duties, very hardworking and ready to face new challenges every day.

    In my team we are looking for employees that have all the qualities of my co-workers, as well as a conscientious attitude to their work.

    Franchising Invest has excellent prospects for progressive growth: being a partner Murad Buildings, our company takes the leading positions on the construction of best buildings in a short time, which will reach a seasoned professional rapid growth and development of all employees. It is our employees have the chance to do what they like, which will allow them to interact constantly with interesting people and keep abreast of developments in the real estate market.

    My motto in life: I have the simplest taste - I satisfied with the best. (O. Wilde)

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