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    "My Tashkent" musical was supported by Murad Buildings

    16 May 2016
    Noisy and cheerful inhabitants of the Uzbek mahalla, familiar stories of neighbors from high-rise buildings, the life of the capital patio on a rainy and sunny day - it was presented in a completely new format in the "My Tashkent".  musical The premiere of the musical was held on May 13-14 at the Palace "Istiqlol" with the support of Murad Buildings. Eight thousand residents and guests attended a musical in two days.
    The leading roles in a unique scenic action performed by famous actors and singers of Uzbekistan under the artistic leadership of Hasan and Husan Salikhov brothers. Among them Muhammadiso Abdulhairov, Fatima Rezhametova, Adiz Rajabov, Asal Shodiyeva, VIA "Shark", Jasur Mirsagatov, Matin, Shadisha and Kamilla Zakirova.
    Beloved songs like "Shine, Tashkent - Star of the East». "Tashkent - Motherland", " Thoughts of you", "Rain", "Girl", "What is the cloud", etc. in the new arrangement and performance, forced to sing the entire audience in unison. The audience was pleasantly surprised by performers that revealed themselves in a new genre: if famous actors showed their great vocals in live performance, the singers perfectly coped with acting skills.
    According to the scenario, all events in this performance take place in the "Gulsaray" (Gulsaray – Floral Kingdom) mahalla built by Murad Buildings. Stage decorations were created in the image of the actual appearance of the residential complex.
    On the eve of the premiere, there was another significant event, which was attended by the cast and creators of the musical. To express love for their native city, to feel the spirit of the capital, the pride of the ancient and lively Tashkent, pop and movie stars, as well as journalists made a city tour on a red double-decker bus. The project was also supported by the singers Ozodbek Nazarbekov Mansur Tashmatov Karen Gafurzhanov, actor and presenter Yigitali Mamajonov Farhod Alimov. Tour participants drove through the famous and favorite locations of the city and completed a tour in the residential complex "Gulsaray", which has become the new landmark of the capital.
    Murad Buildings Company continues to maintain social and creative projects, while remaining true to its slogan: "Happiness is what we build!".

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