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    Birdhouses for swifts in the homes of Murad Buildings

    19 April 2016
    Over the weekend, we installed more than two hundred nesting boxes for swifts in all homes of Murad Buildings!
    Here are a few reasons why swifts have caused us such a strong sympathy:
    •  Swifts create a mate for life;
    • Swifts return to the same nest every year;
    • Male Swift brings up the female while she incubates the eggs;
    • In order to protect themselves, swifts throw their litters far from their nests;
    • One swift in their lifetime eating hundreds of thousands of insects;
    • Swifts are the fastest flying birds. Flight speed can reach up to 170 km / h;
    • Swifts cannot walk or swim, so they are on a flight all the time;
    • In search of food swifts can fly up to 500-600 km per day. This is similar to Tashkent people that travel to Sukok to enjoy mountain barbecue!
    • Swifts kept the sacred Mecca from Abrahas troops. This bird is mentioned in the Quran 105 Surah Al-Fil (called Ababil);
    We have decided, that from now, on all of new homes of Murad Buildings we will establish nesting boxes - one for each apartment.

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