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    How do we celebrate our birthday?

    01 December 2015

    Quite a lot of people want to buy an apartment in a new and beautiful house and move in immediately. But not all of them want to do repair work. Not everybody have experience or time to do it. But if you want to buy the apartment that has been renovated already, it will cost twice as much.

    In honour of its birthday, Murad Buildings decided to make a surprise for customers and announced that it will repair the apartments in apartment house “Kukcha Kurgoni” for free as a present.

    The house has been built this year, several apartments have been inhabited, the others are being repaired. We picked out several apartments and renovated them on our own, now we are planning to give them to the first customers.

    Only within three days — the 5th, 6th and 7th of December will you have the unique opportunity to buy a renovated apartment at the price of an apartment that has not been renovated.

    On these days in apartment house “Kukcha Kurgoni” is kept open house. During three days the administration of the company conduct tours around the building for every visitor!

    Besides the free renovation as a present, company is planning to allocate a part of the money gained by selling these apartments to build children’s playgrounds in other districts of the city.

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