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    The apartments in the first block of the residential complex “Gulsaroy” are on sale!

    08 November 2015

    We announce that the apartments in the first block of the residential complex “Gulsaroy”, situated in the district Karakamish 1/4 are on sale!

    Two of our employees have already decided to buy apartment in this house, because the apartment house “Gulsaroy” includes:

    • available prices;
    • cozy five-storeyed house;
    • walled yard with playground and nice improvement;
    • comfortable apartment layout;
    • luxurious and safe FUJI lifts;
    • two-brick walls;
    • five-chambered Engelberg window-frames with triple-glass unit;
    • wide entrance;
    • individual heating in each apartment;
    • solid construction and security of the house;
    • regular power supply;
    • broad street and convenient driveway.

    8 four-room (116 square metres) and 8 three-room (99 square metres) apartments are available.
    A special offer is available for the first customers.
    For more detailed information call 200-88-22.




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