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    Murad Buildings houses features

    22 July 2015

    What do our houses differ with?

    Issue #1 – Entrances.

    Entrances in our houses brightly differ from the other buildings of the city.

    And what exactly with?

    1. Spaciousness. Our staircase landing is much wider than standard. Additional 20cm width and 80cm length make the feeling of appearance in a large individual house.

    2. Golden painted stainless steel elevator doors are beautifully decorated.


    3. High quality luxury entrance doors with wood facing from the internal side.


    4. Marble mosaic on the entrance walls. This material was primarily chosen on the basis of its further maintenance utility for the habitants. Marble is not scratched or dirty –it is a very long-going material.


    5. Optimal illumination with low electricity consumption.


    6. Monolith marble stairs that ensure durability and practicality in use.

    7. The European style fashioned mailbox is installed close to each apartment door.


    8. Positive apartment number plates with sincere wishes from Murad Buildings.


    9. Each entrance has its own name that reflects our national values.

    And that is not all! Follow our news line. We will public the advantages our houses in turn! We love our business, we love our country! Our people deserve to live in the best environment!

    P.S. Pictures were taken at the “Kukcha Kurgony” facility, but all the entrances of our houses have similar style.

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