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    The action for the first tenants of the residential complex "Gulsaray"!

    The special offer for buyers of apartments in the first block of "Gulsaray" complex, located in Karakamysh 1/4!

    * 6% discount for the first three customers;
    * Second trio provided with a discount of 4%
    * Third trio will receive a 2% discount.

    Two of our employees have already decided to buy an apartment in the house, because the apartments in the residential complex "Gulsaray" is:

    • affordable prices;
    • comfortable 5-storey house;
    • fenced yard with playground and beautiful landscaping;
    • comfortable layout of apartments;
    • luxurious and reliable elevators FUJI;
    • two brick walls;
    • Engelberg  five-chamber windows with triple glazing;
    • spacious entrance;
    • individual heating in each apartment;
    • powerful design and reliability at home;
    • uninterrupted power supply;
    • wide street and easy ride.

    Available - 8 four-room (116 m2) and 8 two-bedroom (99 m2) apartments.
    For more information call 200-88-22.

    Go to the selection of apartments in the residential complex "Gulsaray".

    * Promotion is valid if paid within 10 days.

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