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    Technical specifications for the package transformer substations 2КТПГ (KTPG)-630/10 / 0.4

    Package transformer substation should be performed according to technical specifications "package transformer substations with capacity from 25 to 2500kVA, voltage up to 10 kV" Ts 25379704-02: 2015 with the following clarifications:


    1) Package should include: 2-kiosk cabinet, deadlock, air input and output cable, transformers TMG 630/10-U1; 10 / 0.4; Δ / Yn-11. (630/10-У1; 10/0,4; Δ/Yн-11.)

    2) Dimensions 2KTP (КТПГ) 2500х8600х2670 (two transport sections with dimensions 2500х4300х2670).

    3) The HV (ВН) bays of each kiosk must be installed: 1 pcs load switch BHA (LP) -10 / 630 PKT 103-10-50-31,5U3 fuse, 1 piece ВНА -10 / 630 without fuses and 1 pc. Of (РВЗ-10/630 П УХЛЗ) disconnectors.

    4) Introductory and sectional breakers low-voltage switchgear - DEKraft breaker with shunt release and the motor drive.

    5) Disconnectors of off-line low-voltage switchgear - stationary, DEKraft series, in accordance with Table 1.


     Table 1

      Type of switch  Rated current, A  Rated current of  trip unit, A
     Introductory switches B1, B2  ВА306-3р-1000А  1000  1000
     Sectional switch C  ВА306-3р-1000А  1000  1000
     The exhaust line of the 1st section  1  ВА304-3р-315А  315 315
     2  ВА304-3р-315А  315  315
     3 ВА304-3р-315А  315  315
     The exhaust line of the 2nd section  4  ВА304-3р-315А  315 315
     5  ВА304-3р-315А  315  315
     6  ВА304-3р-315А  315  315


    6) On the inputs 0.4 kV must be installed electronic meters account active-type reactive power meter energy - CE-303 5A S31 543-JAVZ

    7) The substation must be installed with the КППД box system equipment with АСКУЭ system.

    8) To input substation will be installed measuring instruments - ammeters (connected to the same phase) and voltmeters. They can be installed similar devices.

    9) The substation must be provided ABP scheme, operating in automatic and manual modes.

    10) The substation must be installed street lighting control circuit in the photoelectric FR-2 working in manual and automatic modes. Maximum current 16 (25) A.

    11) Coloring elements must be made on common factory color. The power transformer is supplied in the color of the manufacturer.  

    12) This protocol is a mandatory attachment to the contract for the supply.


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