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    Our mission and values

    Our Professional Mission:
    1. We adorn Uzbekistan with beautiful buildings, gardens and roads;
    2. We provide people with reliable, comfortable, affordable housings;
    3. We build the most efficient commercial buildings for business.
    Our Social Mission:
    1. We assist peoples in self-fulfillment; provide social projects support;
    2. We help people to achieve success, as a result the number of wealthy is increasing and the number of poor getting less;
    3. We build and/or support educational and medical institutions.

    Our values:
    1. Fair exchange is a key to long-term success;
    2. High spirituality is proportional to the present success;
    3. Creation and love for own work leads to great achievements;
    4. The main thing is «“With whom?», and then «What?» and «How?»;
    5. Honesty and unselfishness give strength;
    6. Success starts with yourself and with the family and continuing for the success of the society and the country;
    7. We share only what we consider valuable for ourselves;
    8. It is impossible to be happy without helping to you neighbors and being close to the society in general;
    9. Every person is born with his/her own mission It is important find out your mission, and do your best to realize it;
    10. High goals and long-term plans are key to a reliable and long-term perspective.

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